🖤Day 10🖤 My first celebrity crush.

JTT- Jonathan Taylor Thomas (I am a 90’s kid) It wasn’t Home Improvement for me it was Tom and Huck with himself and Brad Renfro and then of course how awesome was he was in Lion King and every countless Disney movie he played in after. I was part of his fan club and obsessed over every single magazine, book, cd and anything else with his voice and his picture . My wall was covered with his pictures and you know as we all thought as children I was going to marry him. I think these childhood crushes are a healthy part of growing up. I know this new generation BOP magazine isn’t the popular thing anymore, but social media is a good way to keep up with the celebs. He was on Last Man Standing and he just keeps getting better looking with age……just don’t tell my hubby. 🖤

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