🖤Day 12🖤 If I won the lottery

That sounds so nice if I won the lottery. I think of all that money but when I become a famous author (because it will happen dammit) what I would do with the money. (Definitely not do a Scrooge McDuck into the money because as family guy taught us it won’t work.) I am not a materialistic person so this probably won’t be very interesting. I wouldn’t buy houses and cars.

🖤Do a happy dance probably nekkid with money/check/ticket around the house.

🖤Start my own foundation for mental health that provides none profit care for people who can’t afford proper care and the homeless that need medication. Good low cost to free services so people can get the treatment they deserve because all of us deserve a chance for treatment. I am currently working on starting a non profit now.

🖤Donate to my church- This crazy progressive Baptist loves her church. I am 4th generation at my church my daughter a 5th generation and they’ve been a HUGE SUPPORT system throughout everything we’ve been through with no judgment and all the help in the world. We aren’t one of those big fancy churches just an old small baptist church. The church needs some work and I would love to be able to help them.

🖤 My husband and daughter- My husband has sacrificed so much for his family. This year was the first time in over 11 years he got a truck with working AC, less than 200,000 (it only has 70,000) and all of the different parts work. We aren’t rich people but something this simple for him has made his business and life so much easier. (He owns his on detail business) He worked 2 jobs when I lost mine working more than 90 hours in a week sometimes. He’s paid for me to be a stay at home mom for awhile and for me to have a good car. He’s always made sure I had a newer car with low miles and was good and reliable so I can go back and forth and he knows that I and our daughter are safe. I would take what I needed from the money and give the rest to him and our daughter.

🖤 My close friends- The friends who are closest to me the ones I can call and text at anytime the ones who would drop anything for me. I would give them whatever they want. I know that I’m difficult to deal with but they’ve always taken care of me so I would take care of them.

🖤My editor- He isn’t my final editor but he’s helped get this book going and tried to keep me on a schedule. (It doesn’t work) He’s put so much time in the book and that’s time away from his beautiful family. I know they are very humble and simple people and probably wouldn’t take it but I would give them everything I could.

This is why me winning the lottery isn’t interesting. I wouldn’t go splurge on anything (maybe a couple of Macs) but that’s it. That’s why people like me don’t win the lottery. I’m not a greedy or materialistic.

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