🖤Day 25🖤 Best Physical Features

I had to ask people because I don’t know of any.

🖤My eyeballs – I have purty eyes and they sparkle a little too! The are different shades of blue and sometimes turn grayish blue.

🖤My smile- I was always told at a young age that my smile and laugh were contagious. 🖤

🖤 My legs (depends on who you ask) I can weight press about 350 to 400 pounds with my legs. I got it from my dad the strong muscular legs my PE teachers used to tell me if I was a boy I would be a great football player, but I was a kick ass softball player.

🖤 My feet (is this getting weird yet?!?) My husband always said no matter what pair of shoes I put on they look good on me. I think that’s my feet??? But maybe not

There are other features my husband would love to highlight physically that I won’t add. If it were up to him we would go through every part of my body. He tells me I’m beautiful everyday. 🖤

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