🖤 Weekly Update 9 🖤

Here it goes:

– I have no diet…. It has completely fallen apart like my moods and everything else around me. The only thing I can say is considered to be losing weight is the fact my anxiety is so bad I’m not hungry and have bubble guts all the time.

-No soda- I had water almost our entire trip (besides orange and cranberry juice. Lemonade, and Gatorade. I have this usual give up when we go on vacation because it is my cheat time, but I didn’t this time. YAY!!!!!

-I have felt so horrible with all the new meds added and then upping my dosage but nothing has changed.

– I am really starting to research hypnotherapy or something like it. All of my dreams follow around the same building and I don’t know why. It has nothing to do with what happened to me or anything else I can remember. This store closed when I was maybe 17.

-We went on vacation and then a day trip this week. I will blame it on that as to why I haven’t posted but it is just because my brain doesn’t work right lately.

-I am trying to make myself write something everyday even if it isn’t important or no way related to my blog.

-I am done with the challenges for awhile after this month. It is too much to keep up with and I feel like it is taking away from the other purposes of this blog. I will however, finish these challenges even if it makes my brain explode.

-I am making a list of mental health related blog topics.

– I am currently obsessed with the game Choices on my phone. It is like my alternate reality. I keep tagging them on Instagram hoping to get a sponsored add.

– If you don’t already please follow my Instagram I update it regularly.

-It is almost the holiday season and with that comes family entertainment which is never a dull moment.

-My dream is to have blogs set up to automatically post. (This is a big dream I will eventually accomplish.)

-I am currently obsessed with The Office and binge watching it on Netflix makes me happy.

-Thank you to everyone who is being patient with me through this time. I have a good content coming soon.

-My book is still where I left it. I want to work on everything but I feel like my brain will explode soon.

Until next week

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