You make blogging and Instagram seem difficult. How hard could it be….. šŸ˜

I talked to someone the other day excited to tell them about all the work I’ve done and they said, “I can slap some stuff online a few post on Instagram and get a ton of followers in a couple of days……..

People have no idea how much work it is not even me when I started. You have to post consistently and interact with your followers and subscribers then make sure you have good content to make them come back. I work on it every waking moment I can (except when I get distracted) I know it takes a lot of work to build a following and if this is my plan for a future I got it to keep hustling. You think it would be simple but it isn’t easy especially in the mental health community. So assholes if you think it’s easy why don’t you try it? Sorry I had to rant about it for a second. Now back to my regular schedule post.

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