Here’s something about me

I watched a movie about an awkward woman and I felt the need to share something because I am annoyed about many things at the moment.

– My teeth are probably cracking with the amount of peppermint I eat.

– I can’t keep peppermint on my side of the bed when I sleep because I eat it and I’m scared one day I will choke on it. I have a shirt that has peppermint drool stuck to it. (It is grosser than it sounds I promise.)

– I have an over abundance of lemonade cans on my side of the bed because I drink them in the middle of the night. It keeps me from getting up more than I have to.

– I drink so much lemonade I probably piss it out on a regular basis. I drink lemonade to avoid soft drinks.

– I haven’t worked on my blog but I did spend almost 45 minutes trying to learn how to French braid my hair but I got pissed off and quit.

– I am working on my book but not the part that I want to publish by the end of this year one of the follow ups because it helps me solve my problems.

– My mood swings suck a dick and currently are my reasons as to why I haven’t caught up on my blog.

So this is why I haven’t been around. I can write these but I can’t write an update or a blog post about what’s going on these last few days. I will try and get it done tomorrow. 🖤

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