I broke it

Yep. I broke it. I broke the stability and reassurance I had in my marriage. I’m trying to fix it but part of me doesn’t know how. I need that reassurance because I have 0 self-esteem, confidence and love for myself. These were all things he gave me so I never had to deal with them myself. Now that I’ve fucked that up I have to learn how to create healthy boundaries, love myself, have confidence and self esteem. (Any guidance on this is welcome.) I’ve always needed these things but those fun codependency issues solve all problems until they can’t anymore.

One thought on “I broke it

  1. I have managing my BiPolar issues for years and now and marriage is ending. Probably not the comment you are looking for but it will not be the end of my story or my struggles. My posts are so random right now because every possible thought is running through my head. The depression, anxiety, and fear are all real and its ok to embrace them. You are unique and your journey a little more complex than most. I look forward to seeing future posts.

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