Self care and waxing

This year has been a long and crazy journey when it comes to my health. I felt ugly both inside and out. I let my illness get the best of me and it made me a miserable person. The change really started two years ago but I kept falling in and out of sticking with what I was doing. I am roughly 10 lbs from 100 lbs down. I am so proud of how far I’ve come and before you ask I did not follow any particular program I just had to make complete life style changes but it doesn’t mean I deprive myself from anything. I’ve worked on creating a healthy relationship with food that itself feels like an uphill battle. I’ve learned completely restricting causing binging so in moderation I enjoy “junk food” if that is what you want to call it. I don’t have an answer for what will work for you just figured it out through the process of elimination. I don’t want to coach people for the simple fact I am not a dietician nor am I a nutritionist. I personally think that people like me can cause people to have unrealistic expectations using my method.

This part is probably up for debate but it is something that I feel like we can all benefit from. I go once a month to get waxed and yes it is everywhere. As I started losing weight I realized that it wasn’t necessarily the self care I needed. I am making my body stronger and healthier but it never felt like enough. That is when someone mentioned waxing. At first I was skeptical but you want to feel fearless, sexy and unstoppable get waxed. I’m not going to lie to you the first time is painful but after that it isn’t as bad. This boosted me up so much but I kept feeling like I needed more. This is where I am now. I chopped all my hair off so I couldn’t put it in a bun. I spend time on myself, I put on the lotion after the shower, blow dry my hair, curl my hair, skin care routine, makeup, put more care into the way I look and I feel so good about myself now. The thing about self care you need to remember self care is called that for a reason. You need to do this for yourself; not because of anyone else, what you see on social media or because it will make someone else like or love you more. You need to do this for YOU!!! That was one of the hardest lessons I had to learn but probably the greatest discovery as I try to find myself again and not use my illness to define me anymore because I have so much more to me. This is also an important lesson for my daughter to care for yourself and your body.