World Semicolon Day ;;;;;

Rest easy beautiful lady. You have changed the way we view mental health. Even in death your story isn’t over yet. You gave us strength and now we wear our semicolons proud of who we are and what we’ve accomplished. Thank you your family and your beautiful soul. I wear my semicolons proud because my story isn’t over yet.


The dreams are still alive.

Well the Prazosin didn’t help. I am still dreaming weird stuff and seeing things that aren’t there. I guess I need to give it a few more days to see if it starts to help. Mondays are still my favorite days! I have 2 whole days off to actually be productive and accomplish something. I just wish I wasn’t so fucking tired and had shifting amounts of energy.

I have so much I need to do, Easter shopping, Easter clothes, finishing the second chapter so I can finish this book by the end of this year!!! I’m already 4 months in and not as far as I would like to be. I also need to start working on getting my event ready for August.

In my edits I realize how bad my writing was when I fist started vs now. Yes I realize in my blog I don’t always use correct grammar but if it is a daily journal entry it is transcribed from my actual journal except for the stuff I am not allowed to talk about in my blog. When it is something more formal such as a Bipolar Chronicle I sometimes use other methods to make sure it sounds good.

I am pushing myself and I am hoping not too hard to get everything done and keep myself on a schedule. I just need to eventually get my sleep right.

Here we go again……

Today ended up being amazing. I got to leave work a little earlier and see Wayne before my daughter got home from my moms house. My brain is in a fog and I am trying to jump start my brain so I can work on my book. I am still dealing with writers block and it is not fun. Wayne and I went to the store and got STEAK AGAIN!!! He spent way too much money spoiling me. I know it was to make me feel better which it did. I came in the bedroom and watched TV while I ate so he could watch GOT in the living room. I can’t watch GOT because it triggers. You know you got to love the triggers.

My dreams are getting worse and I feel like my brain is trying to tell me something but I can’t figure out what it is. My anxiety is causing some many problems that it is hard to tell what is up and what is down. Rapid cycling sucks. I feel like I have so much energy and then rolling off the couch seems unbearable. I don’t know what I am supposed to do anymore. I just wish I could turn my brain off for a few minutes. The man is getting closer to me becoming more part of my routine lingering around. Let’s see where this takes us.

I’m calling to call my dr in the morning. Here we go again…..

Weekly Update 28

Why can’t I be consistent

I get so worked up in my own head and get nothing accomplished

I am so easily defeated

No diet

No exercise

No caffeine

I’ve put everything on hold trying to get over this hump

Mac Miller 2009 is my life right now

I keep losing Instagram followers because I don’t post much or check my feed

I haven’t checked on you guys in awhile

I’m back for now.

Steak, beer, meditation and the horrible day

Today was simply horrible. There aren’t words to use just simply fucking horrible. It did get better. I called Wayne and told him I wanted steak for supper and what a horrible day I had. So I stopped at Publix got steak and meats from the deli to make some of the best sandwiches he could ever dream of and I got him beer. You truly know your husband when you can go to the Liquor Store and buy him great beer every single time. That is better than the questions they ask each other on tv.

Mental Health: I m seeing things still. I am still trying to make heads or tells of it but it is getting worse and the man has started to make himself known again. I am confused and unable to focus on anything. I am in a foggy haze and it feels like no matter what I try I can’t get myself out of it I need to call my dr and see what he says. It’s weird because I remember this haze but not as a sober properly medicated person. I am not happy about any of this but the one thing I will say is that this doesn’t want to make me go back to bad habits. If this is how I feel now what was it like when I wasn’t taking care of myself. This feeling is absolutely horrible. I think I am going to start learning about meditation. It is cheaper than therapy and therapy isn’t something I am very open minded about. I keep having bad experiences with therapist so maybe this will help. If you have any ideas just let me know.

Anxiety, dreams and paranoia

Dreams….. What a pain in my ass. I keep having the same reoccurring dreams that involve the house we lived in when my daughter was younger and the apartments we looked at and lived in when we were 18 and moved out. I just realized earlier today that I could just google them and check them out now. I don’t know why this didn’t cross me earlier. I don’t understand what any of this is supposed to mean and why the same things keep appearing in my dreams. They aren’t as scary as before sometimes disturbing but mostly weird. They keep me up sometimes it makes it hard for me to understand if I am awake or sleeping.

My anxiety is bad today. I can feel it pushing my chest in filling my lungs and it makes it so much harder to breath. This feeling when I am at work is overbearing. I don’t want people to know how much I am suffering especially lately but it is almost impossible to hide now. My anxiety turns into paranoia quickly so when paranoia happens the rest comes along. The paranoia makes the man come out and the man is the most hated of everything I go through. So many people don’t believe that he exists but he is there and extremely real to me.

In a daze

If you want just a mental health update skip to the 3rd paragraph.

Today I went back to work and I’m not happy with the lack of progress I’ve made while editing. I am really trying to get things accomplished. I didn’t even accomplish a quarter of the things I wanted to. I have a severe case of writers block which I am working on different exercises to get rid of.

I applied for my daughter to get into an “elite” school but we were waitlisted so we can keep our fingers crossed on that.

For my mental health it is in shambles for some reason. I am really getting tired of this shit. I started seeing things again. It isn’t anything serious or giving me any reason to worry right now but it is something I have to keep watch of so it doesn’t turn into something else. I haven’t told Wayne yet I just don’t want him to worry about me unless there is actually something to worry for. My brain is clouded right now I feel like I am in a daze. I am unable to articulate the things I really want to say because they don’t form into anything. The part about it that sucks the most is when things like this happen I’m overflowing with creativity but right now I got nothing…… I am hoping binge watching movies will help.

Get the fuck up

Today I had to tell myself to get the fuck up. I made myself get up take a shower open the windows and clean something. I’ve spent most of my days off in bed exhausted. I can’t get myself motivated to do anything. I’m not hungry and I’m forcing myself to eat something but I can’t keep laying here it isn’t helping anything.

I can do this. I am able.