Weekly Update 36

No diet

No exercise

Spent 3 days looking for a Mac Miller song

Working on backdated post

Starting to feel more like me

I’m so tired still

Depression is still here

Obsessed with The Office

Makes me happy

It is the little things

I have BENJI THE DOG by Mac Miller


Weekly Update 34

Still working on updating these post

Backdated post are coming

Starting to feel a little better

It takes so much out of me

No diet

No exercise

Music is survival

Mac Miller is keeping me going

Thanks for your support through this difficult time.

Weekly Update 29

Please check for back post

I am still way behind on everything

No diet

No exercise

Moods are bad

I am trying

Not going to make the goals unless something changes

I need to get better.

Why can’t I follow through with anything.

I am so mad at myself.

Weekly Update 28

Why can’t I be consistent

I get so worked up in my own head and get nothing accomplished

I am so easily defeated

No diet

No exercise

No caffeine

I’ve put everything on hold trying to get over this hump

Mac Miller 2009 is my life right now

I keep losing Instagram followers because I don’t post much or check my feed

I haven’t checked on you guys in awhile

I’m back for now.