Yearly Goals- Blog

  • Upgrade account to business
  • profit off ads
  • 300 subscribers
  • 1000 post
  • complete Bipolar Chronicles
  • average likes per day 35+
  • average visitors (please turn into subscribers) 500+
  • good content
  • advertise my page
  • keep up with workout story



Monthly Goals January- Blog

Here we go:

  • 20 views a day (If I post more this will happen)
  • Post at least 2 times a week (I need to commit to more but we will start there)
  • Document workout/daily post
  • Post at least 6 Bipolar Chronicles
  • 80 subscribers
  • Total likes for the month: 300
  • Total views for the month: 1500
  • Total visitors (hopefully become subscribers) 2000

None of this is possible without you. I love you bunches.

Weekly Update 16 (late as always)

  • My gratitude posts with awesome quotes are actually my day to day issues and struggles. I never run out of those.
  • I said I was starting a diet but I watched YouTube and ate pizza so there’s that.
  • I am drinking more water which gets me started on the right track.
  • No caffeine though with lack of sleep is getting really hard to do.
  • Monthly and yearly goals are ready to be posted. I am excited to see where we end up.
  • I have 15 drafts currently going for the Bipolar Chronicles. The best thing to do would be to actually finish them.
  • I would scroll down some there are blog post I backdate and I don’t want you to miss any of the good stuff.
  • My New Years was awesome and I rang it in with my two favorite people.
  • We will see you next week with more updates!!!

Weekly Update 15


We have some awesome things to talk about this week.

My stats are booming for this year and I have greatly exceeded any all expectations.

I have discovered so much about myself

There are so many outcasts like me. (I love you weirdos)

I finally feel like there is a purpose in my life.

I made it through an ENTIRE YEAR plus sober!!!!! (That in itself is one of the best rewards.)

Thank you all for starting this journey with me.

I expect nothing but great things next year.

This year was just a start to what the bipolar outcasts can do.

See you next year/week.

(Final stats post on 12.31.18)

Weekly Update 14


  • The holidays took up majority of my time so the blog is neglected.
  • I’ve kept instagram up to date so check it out.
  • I’ve started a gratitude journal. (Don’t worry it is coming)
  • I’ve now decided to make a post about every inspiration quote I find for each day of my gratitude journal. Which means I may back date some post, but don’t worry it will not end up like those damn challenges.
  • I really need to finish the bipolar Chronicles that are almost finished but I am lazy so yeah they are still in the draft phase.
  • Starting January 1st I will weekly post (maybe) keep up with the fact that I really need to lose weight. I’ve almost come up with a workout routine.
  • I am still on no sodas which has helped so much with my sleep and moods. I miss them sometimes but other times I remember how I couldn’t control myself and almost drank an entire 12 pack in less than 24 hours.
  • I am currently not exercising.
  • I finally caught up on sleep after my work schedule messed up my moods and sleep schedule. When I am off my routine chaos is always close by.
  • I hope everyone had a safe and happy holidays.
  • I plan to actually finish these and have enough to release on their own. This is a goal for next year.
  • I will post my BIG PLANS for next week on the last weekly update of 2018.

Weekly Update 13

– Diet…… no comment

– Instagram stats are booming

– Still no caffeine and right now I want some

– Bipolar Chronicles are coming along

– I have a new journal and I am looking forward to keeping track of my stats and I am loving where this is going!!!

– I am almost done Christmas shopping but I ran out of money….I’ll be glad when Christmas is over.

-I bought my daughter a guitar for Christmas and I am dying to give it to her. I loved music when I was younger and I miss playing so it is exciting.

– I am sick right now so I have time to work on my blog when I’m not sleeping.

– I am currently working on revamping the site because of the amount of traffic I am starting to see.

– I am almost finished The Office series and I will be sad when it is over.

– The next time I will right this it will be Christmas.

Until next week………

Weekly Update 12

– We are just going to completely skip the diet and exercise.

– No sodas or caffeine….almost I still drink coffee

– I am drinking more water than anything else right now which is great.

– I had a doctor visit today….

– No more challenges as I talked about last time.

– The Bipolar Chronicles are something I’ve worked on and I think I am ready to share them with the world. These are things that I’ve gone through from the time I was diagnosed. There are pictures and stories I’ve never shared before.

-Thank you for all of you support.

Let’s keep on talking



Weekly Update 11

– No diet happening but I’m still drinking water more

– No sodas still

– My sleep still sucks dick and my dreams are getting worse

– Next week is going to be jammed pack and crazy


– The good material is coming now

– That is all for now. Short update

– See you next week and thank you for your support!!


Weekly Update 10 I suck at updating

🖤 I suck at updating my blog this month. I am having so much going on and these damn challenges I signed up for. I know I said it in the last update and I am saying it again. I am done with these things after this month.

🖤 Still not dieting. I am drinking more water which is good.

🖤 No sodas which is really hard when we go are I don’t typically like the lemonade and other drinks from the fountain but I am drinking more water.

🖤 Our vacation was wonderful even with a few hiccups. ( I am posting about it soon.)

🖤 There aren’t enough hours in a day.

🖤 No exercising

🖤 watching way too many movies

🖤 dreams are horrible

🖤 medication isn’t working

🖤 that’s it for now

See you next week.