Growing Pains

So if you’ve clicked on my blog you’ve probably seen every color possible, different set ups, logos. I took graphic design classes in college but apparently none of it stuck because I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m trying to make it look better because I have some important things coming up I want to do so I’m trying to make my blog better but I’m lost. The content will never change but if I can figure out these damn buttons I’ll be happy.

This is a prime example of what happens when you have too much and are also too cheap to let someone else do it but I finally made a logo.

Photo Day 29- Broken

I was rushing to work eating a biscuit from Golden Pantry when some asshole rushes beside me almost side swiping me and I yank my steering wheel to miss him and it slams into a drain on an island in the middle of the road and I dropped my biscuit which I was more pissed about. I had my husband meet me at the Golden Pantry to change my tire and I was over an hour late to work. People suck!

Photo Day 27 Under- A view from the balcony

I took my daughter to see Beauty and The Beast ballet in the big city. (Atlanta) This was her first time ever at the ballet and my first time going in years. I got the tickets last minute and they were $50 for both in decent seats. I got off work at 4 and the show started at 6:30. We live an hour or more from Atlanta depending on traffic. I rush him change clothes and then rush through Atlanta traffic. We get there early and it was the smartest decision we ever made. I loved watching her eyes widen as the dancers went across the stage. She thoroughly enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching it through her eyes.

Photo Day 25- Sale/ my daughter’s first pair of heels

My daughter is 11 and she loves to dress up but there are two things I’ve been very firm about no black nail polish and no heels. Well we were at Old Navy and she was trying to find a dress to wear for Easter Sunday when she saw these shoes. They were 40% off and even though she knew how firm I was on heels but managed to talk me into them because they were boots not just heels. I gave in and let her have them. I am still firm on the nail polish.

Photo Day 23 Glowing cotton candy

I know almost all of my pictures involve us going on vacation but the more you travel you gain knowledge and experience. We went to Rock City Enchanted Lights in Chattanooga, Tennessee and my daughter wanted one of those glow sticks and I told her I’m not paying $5 for a stick, but then they changed the game and put Cotton Candy on it. Once you put something like Cotton Candy on it then it doesn’t count as a souvenir. This is probably again the closest you will get to actually seeing her. She had so much fun and the stick takes batteries so it isn’t just a one time use. So it’s a win win for everyone!!