I had my 6 month check up with my psychiatrist today and we were speaking openly about suicide after admitting that I was having suicidal thoughts. We were also discussing the differences in being suicidal and having suicidal thoughts (that is a different post.) He said that 19% of people diagnosed with bipolar disorder take their own life and that equals like 1 in 5. Those odds are shocking for some reason. If you think about the big picture 2.3 million Americans are diagnosed with bipolar disorder. If I did my math right that equals out to 437,000 people. That means there are 437,000 people contemplating suicide most with no support from anyone.I am one of the biggest supporters for the AFSP but how do we fix this? What can we as the mental health community do to combat these odds? There are so many people who can’t afford medicine, therapy let alone see a psychiatrist to properly diagnose and help them. This is something we need to recognize and help each other. We aren’t going to receive any help from the government and there is so much of a stigma attached to us people refuse to publicly support it unless it is a celebrity who claimed to “recover” from it. We need to speak openly and honestly about our struggles. I think we can be the change if we become more comfortable being open and knowing even though they might not understand we can make them care. 1 person loss to suicide is 1 too many. Let’s start the conversation and help decrease these numbers.

Nobody knows- my semi conceded views based off a Nelly song.

Walk around stickin out my hands, lookin for a handout
Only thing I handed out was more bills
Only thing pulled me out was my will
God told me the sun don’t chill
Determined to make use of one of these skills
Ain’t no way I can beat the clock
Just a matter of time shut down your shop.” – Nelly

Yep. I watch my views, subscribers climb on here and Instagram and while I’m working on getting better about posting on here daily. I haven’t quite made it there yet. I am on Instagram everyday. I am waiting for a good jump on the Bipolar Chronicles. I am going to CVS today to get my prescription record to finish the medication post. When I do it I’m going to do it right. I’m really curious to see the history over the years. My self barn section is harder than I thought. I am going through a very dark time in my life that I blocked out until now. Tomorrow is my day off so I plan on getting a lot of stuff done. I can’t wait to share my stories with you. I am also excited to see my book coming together. After years of wishing for this life I am making it for myself. I just got started but I can’t wait to see where it goes. Be patient the Chronicles are going to be E P I C.