Photo Day 26- 2 because you need more pictures of coffee

I am not allowed to have a lot of caffeine because of manic episodes. I love caffeine I think I dedicated an entire post to coffee. On our trip to Tennessee I bargained my way two having 2!!! The caffeine isn’t work but the coffee was really good.


Photo Day 25- Sale/ my daughter’s first pair of heels

My daughter is 11 and she loves to dress up but there are two things I’ve been very firm about no black nail polish and no heels. Well we were at Old Navy and she was trying to find a dress to wear for Easter Sunday when she saw these shoes. They were 40% off and even though she knew how firm I was on heels but managed to talk me into them because they were boots not just heels. I gave in and let her have them. I am still firm on the nail polish.

Weekly Update 10 I suck at updating

🖤 I suck at updating my blog this month. I am having so much going on and these damn challenges I signed up for. I know I said it in the last update and I am saying it again. I am done with these things after this month.

🖤 Still not dieting. I am drinking more water which is good.

🖤 No sodas which is really hard when we go are I don’t typically like the lemonade and other drinks from the fountain but I am drinking more water.

🖤 Our vacation was wonderful even with a few hiccups. ( I am posting about it soon.)

🖤 There aren’t enough hours in a day.

🖤 No exercising

🖤 watching way too many movies

🖤 dreams are horrible

🖤 medication isn’t working

🖤 that’s it for now

See you next week.

Photo Day 23 Glowing cotton candy

I know almost all of my pictures involve us going on vacation but the more you travel you gain knowledge and experience. We went to Rock City Enchanted Lights in Chattanooga, Tennessee and my daughter wanted one of those glow sticks and I told her I’m not paying $5 for a stick, but then they changed the game and put Cotton Candy on it. Once you put something like Cotton Candy on it then it doesn’t count as a souvenir. This is probably again the closest you will get to actually seeing her. She had so much fun and the stick takes batteries so it isn’t just a one time use. So it’s a win win for everyone!!

Grateful Day 23, 24 and 25 a beautiful view of nature.

Yep. I am combining these as much as possible.

We went to Chattanooga recently (I promise that there will be a post about it soon!!) and while we were there I took way too many pictures as always, but I can’t get enough of this view. It is beautiful. We were at Ruby Falls on top of the tower. You get a good view of the mountains, Tennessee River and downtown Chattanooga. It is so peaceful like ocean waves it can clear your head and think better places like this even if I am terrified of heights.

Grateful Day 22- Dessert Peppermint bark

My favorite about holidays is P E P P E R M I N T! I love peppermint way too much. It is only really popular during the holiday season so I stock up when I can. Peppermint bark is another favorite of mine. Anything sweet I want during the holidays involves peppermint in some way. I think if everything had a little mint in it the world would be a better place. These are Hershey’s holiday peppermint bark bells. They are really addicting and every time I go to dollar general I normally buy 2 or 3 at a time falsely believing that they will last awhile (we are luck for 2 hours). This is my favorite dessert (well one of them).