Weekly Update 30

  • Check for back dated post.
  • no diet
  • no exercise
  • I haven’t felt well for awhile
  • I am trying
  • please be patient
  • mental health check
  • no sleep
  • constant dreams
  • hopefully next week is better.


Weekly Update 29

Please check for back post

I am still way behind on everything

No diet

No exercise

Moods are bad

I am trying

Not going to make the goals unless something changes

I need to get better.

Why can’t I follow through with anything.

I am so mad at myself.

Weekly Update 28

Why can’t I be consistent

I get so worked up in my own head and get nothing accomplished

I am so easily defeated

No diet

No exercise

No caffeine

I’ve put everything on hold trying to get over this hump

Mac Miller 2009 is my life right now

I keep losing Instagram followers because I don’t post much or check my feed

I haven’t checked on you guys in awhile

I’m back for now.

Weekly Update 27


Let’s try to not be cringe this time.

Bipolar still a death sentence and torture (yep I did it anyway.)

I am rapid cycling which coming out of a depressive state is inconvenient but my brain doesn’t care so here we are.

Hi blog! I know I have neglected you but I am coming back.

I am indeed still alive and surviving

Struggle is real

no diet or exercise (which would probably help)

no caffeine (which I really want right now)

I get more followers on Instagram when I don’t post often so that is confusing.

I am working on my book a little. I was really into it and then everything just kind of fell apart.

I will try to be more active

Weekly Update 25

-There are more back dated post to check out on my day to day life.
-No diet or exercise
-I am currently worried about my not being able to sleep and wanting to stay awake. I think an up swing is coming and those are dangerous.
-My upswings are always more dangerous and can cause more damage.
-Book editing is going well. I have the foundation for what I want now I just need to make it better.
– I am hoping to publish this year
-I posted about my event that I am doing again this year to raise money for suicide awareness.
– I am working on the bipolar chronicles but even with all my honesty about everything so things are still hard to talk about.
– Bipolar Chronicles Depression/Addiction are next and they are the ones I am struggling with
– I am never going to make my goals unless I start posting daily
– I need help with organization and not becoming overwhelmed especially when I deep in my book.
– I did this on time! GO ME! See you next week

Weekly Update 24

A little bit more positive

Still no diet or exercise

Overeating junk food

Deep in the bowels of hell editing my book. This is my attention span | | so when I’m trying to focus to edit that doesn’t help.

Binge watching. The Simpsons

Finding any music I can to help inspire me and motivate me to work harder.

This is my life the next several months until I can publish.

Does anyone want to be a Beta reader?

Weekly Update 23

Fuck diets

Fuck exercise

Fuck depression

I need to edit my book

I need to get over this funk

I want to sleep until I feel better

I am so behind on my blog it is ridiculous

I will have more updates soon.

Thanks for your patience