Jury Duty- It is your civic obligation unless you are me then it looks like this…..

Imagine this: It is a mild dreary Monday, a large group of random men and women file up stairs to an old creaky courtroom. The courtroom dates back to the early 1900s, the floors are original oak wood and creak with every step, the dark scratched wood pews make a loud unexcused noises every time you try to find a comfortable position. Everyone in the room was tired, cranky and uncomfortably sitting elbow to elbow the air filled with over sprayed cologne and perfume mixed in with the musty smell in the room. In the middle of all of this there is me. I’m wearing an oversized navy blue long sleeve shirt, my jeans that took several jump attempts to button, my gray and green Nike’s with cheetah print checks and my oversized Trader Joe’s bag. I always bring my big bag it keeps my anxiety kit with food and water.

Anxiety kit: Headphones, pens, word search and coloring book, something to read, note pad and rubber bands to tie in knots to distract myself.

The judge started with this quote “I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution.” –Thomas Jefferson. It was such an amazing and profound quote that what happens next is only something I can accomplish. They took roll and ask if any names were missed and I had to stand up and say mine. I am an extremely awkward person any type of social interaction makes my anxiety soar through the roof. They called roll again and still my name was absent with one other woman. The judge asked me to approach the bench and as I am walking I don’t notice the rise in the floor and it happened. I tripped on the way up trying gracefully to catch myself I latch on the to bench in front of the judge and watched her coffee cup dance across and with my luck not flipping over. I leaned across the bench like I was important until she cleared her throat. She asked for my full name again then said, “It’s listed here you have a medical excuse.” I stood perplexed and said, “I’m not sick but if that’s the case I can go.” She glared at me for a moment and said, “You are already here so let’s just continue on.” I could hear the giggles as I turned around my face red and hot. So now we sit and listen to cases being called much of it with back and forth to the judge my foot shaking faster and faster. My phone is downstairs and as soon as they call us to break I ran down the steps turn my phone, I get a massive amount of dings and then I saw it my bank account was overdrawn. Not a little overdrawn $161.42 to be exact. I needed to call the bank but the 15 minute breaks weren’t enough to get correct information. I did the best I could while we were at lunch but still not completely successful. The last half of my day all I could think about was my bank account so I decided to draw. I could feel myself shaking so I did this on my hand. I finally got out of there and got everything straightened out but as always never a dull moment.

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