Weekly update 1

-I promise I am almost finished with my 4 part series. I should have it up by tomorrow afternoon.

-Information on my book is coming up and these will be private post for subscribers. I am ready to release bits and pieces for feedback. I also have poetry.

-I haven’t really exercised in awhile so I have no weight loss updates.

-I have psych appointment stories coming up too.

-I am not going to clickbait you because clickbait is for people with nothing useful to say.

-Monetize? It sounds cool but I am not censoring myself. I know nothing about it.

-To everyone who’s liked and subscribe thank you so much for your support. I am learning more about this everyday.

-We need to end the stigma people! Let’s talk about our health without fear of judgement.

-New post should be daily or at least every other day. (Depends on how much I have going on.)

I appreciate all of your love and support.


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