Photography/social media feed back wanted

I love taking pictures! My memory is fading so I have my pictures to trigger a memory both good and bad. You can see them all on Instagram I feel like my pictures are gaining more popularity then my posts. I am trying to post more. I did 3 posts here today. YAY!! I have so much to talk about. I feel like I am not posting good content. In less than a month I’ve gained quite a following and I love and appreciate everyone of you but I feel like there is more I could be doing to make it better. I’ve put so much pressure on myself to post repeats everyday I even have a list of topics but I’m not living up to the potential and gift I have.

I know my mind is slowly going. We’ve done the test and proven it but I’m trying to push through it and make something out of it to either help improve my memory or a legacy when it goes completely. This is my gateway for my book. I love my book. It is my escape from reality.

This is a short post but I want your opinions. What are you thinking should I revamp this early in the game?

Instagram: Bipolaroutcasts

Facebook: Will it Reach you on time

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