From both sides of the couch

Hi! If you don’t know me, my name is Tarsha and I have bipolar disorder, severe anxiety, schizophrenia and issues with psychosis. I’m 34 years old and officially diagnosed in July 2013 when I was involuntary placed in a psych hospital. From 2013 until now I’ve been on list of medication so long it could fill up an entire page, shitty psychiatrist to finally a good one, multiple suicide attempts, two exorcisms ( if you don’t come back for anything else come check for that) and so many different therapist and psychologists I’ve lost count, but I’ve always had one stable factor in my life, my husband who through all of the chaos is my rock and needs a Purple Heart for the wars he’s one and lost. If you decide to follow my goal for blogging everyday for an entire year. I am hoping to do some personal therapy, finish my book and lose weight. Welcome to my crazy life.

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