My first 5 days of diet and workouts

In 2015 I actually weighed close to the same as when I was pregnant. I worked hard to lose that weight and sadly learned some unhealthy habits in the process.

Now let’s fast forward to 2018 and stepping on that dreaded metal scale at my psychiatrist office. (You know the scale it goes up in increments of 50 and makes unusual loud clicks as you push it over.) and I stood in disbelief. I made her do it two more times taking my shoes off in hopes the flip flops I was wearing at the time would make 10 pounds disappear, but it didn’t happen. I weigh more right now than I ever have in my whole life and I cried and even though I tried to find a million things to blame the only person I can blame is myself. So I’m starting to work on it taking small steps but I can’t wait to for that feeling again. Sleeping good having energy and my moods starting to stabilize on their own.

Saturday- Just a normal day and a two mile walk

Sunday- My little firecracker (my daughter) wanted to walk with me and even though I didn’t get the exercise in I wanted she had fun.

Monday- I got to walk with my best friend, it was 3 miles of exercise and catching up.

Tuesday- Short walk with my firecracker again. We had to go to Dollar General so it was a mile, but her smiles and laugh made it worth it.

Wednesday- It rained so I didn’t walk, but had an amazing day with my husband. (We did work out a little 🤭😬🤫)

Something I do everyday: Drink a gallon of water and 25 squats every time I go to the bathroom. Sometimes I plank…yes I get a towel and lay on the bathroom floor to plank.

I am eating better and gave up sodas and coffee (life without caffeine sucks.)

I plan on weighing myself once a week and not give up if the number doesn’t change.

I’ll try to update daily.


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