Media (social) killed suicide, addiction and mental illness


I wish I could talk about everyone who was fucked over by the media for their illness, addictions and suicides but it would be a whole book.

If you are an everyday person like me getting diagnosed with an illness is just that a diagnosis. No one is reporting my suicide attempts, addiction issues, the medication I am on and it is because I am just a normal everyday person. Of course my immediate family and friends are concerned but it doesn’t make the front page of magazines or posted on all the social media outlets with tacky and smutty titles, however if you are a celebrity that changes and it is sad that so many of them hide their illness or addiction for that reason and that our society is so desensitized they lack all forms of empathy. The only thing people see is green. That dollar sign for who gets the scoop from a close family member, the autopsy report, pictures of their death but the media doesn’t grieve the loss of someone who had an impact on the world, the same people whose very words may have saved your life. We don’t see that we won’t remember them for their accomplishments or the impact they had on us. We will remember them for every controversial thing they’ve ever done all indiscretions made public. We do it for the views right? to get a retweet? for more followers? We’ve made that our priority instead of seeing this happening and demanding a change. We need our government to do more for us, we need as a society to stop desensitizing death, mental health, and addiction. I know we can’t save anyone, but instead of finding the negatives in their lives let us find the positives the amazing accomplishments but most importantly let us make mental health an open ended conversation. We need to be more comfortable with who we are and the media (social) needs to back the fuck off. Celebrities are still humans and I think as a society we’ve forgot this too. Let’s work on bringing up mental health in a more positive light.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. This speaks to me so strongly. I had a friend whose father died of suicide and I am still in shock so many years later. At the same time, the issue is complex because for so many years I was suicidal and my feelings about suicide itself is complicated. But I feel strongly for my friend also, it is difficult, we have been through difficult times but I care so much about him.

    I agree that we have gotten desensitized to heartbreaking issues and that it is very hard for everyday people like us.

    Thank you so much for writing this, I never knew someone would feel just as I do. Thank you to the celebrities who come out about their problems, also.

    The publicity makes it a community problem instead of suffering alone.

    Thank you so much for your blog.

    As someone who was diagnosed with both bpd and schizoaffective disorder I felt like such a crazy and so different, and now I am beginning to see what it is that psychiatrists may see as problematic in my life and how I can change my life for the better.

    It has been a long, hard road away from emptiness and the loneliness of having a psychosis diagnosis.

    Thank you so much. Your writing is wonderful and well needed by the community.

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