Weekly Update 8

– It’s definitely been a rough week.

– The walk was a little over a week ago but all the excitement and emotions went away quickly and I feel every single down as it happens.

– Exercise – The walk was the only exercising I’ve done in awhile and trust me when I tell you I felt every step. I wore jeans and so I chaffed really bad. It took awhile for that to go away.

– Still no soda!! Yay!! I still drink coffee from time to time, but no soft drinks is a big deal for me. I’m drinking more water so that’s a positive.

– Payday is TOMORROW. I am so excited I need the money!!!

– We are going to Tennessee on Sunday and I can’t wait!!!

– My dreams aren’t getting any better so I have to call my doctor.

– I’ve got a cold that I hope it goes away quickly. It is the weather changing so frequently and drastically over the last few days.

– I have an adventure with the hubby tomorrow for his business and I’m kind of stoked about it. There should be a post about it tomorrow.

– I will update you again next week!!

Have a great week!! 🖤

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