Weekly Update 10 I suck at updating

🖤 I suck at updating my blog this month. I am having so much going on and these damn challenges I signed up for. I know I said it in the last update and I am saying it again. I am done with these things after this month.

🖤 Still not dieting. I am drinking more water which is good.

🖤 No sodas which is really hard when we go are I don’t typically like the lemonade and other drinks from the fountain but I am drinking more water.

🖤 Our vacation was wonderful even with a few hiccups. ( I am posting about it soon.)

🖤 There aren’t enough hours in a day.

🖤 No exercising

🖤 watching way too many movies

🖤 dreams are horrible

🖤 medication isn’t working

🖤 that’s it for now

See you next week.

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