Weekly Update 13

– Diet…… no comment

– Instagram stats are booming

– Still no caffeine and right now I want some

– Bipolar Chronicles are coming along

– I have a new journal and I am looking forward to keeping track of my stats and I am loving where this is going!!!

– I am almost done Christmas shopping but I ran out of money….I’ll be glad when Christmas is over.

-I bought my daughter a guitar for Christmas and I am dying to give it to her. I loved music when I was younger and I miss playing so it is exciting.

– I am sick right now so I have time to work on my blog when I’m not sleeping.

– I am currently working on revamping the site because of the amount of traffic I am starting to see.

– I am almost finished The Office series and I will be sad when it is over.

– The next time I will right this it will be Christmas.

Until next week………

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