Don’t believe everything you think

Any and everyone in the mental health community can tell you how hard it is, your brain is extremely convincing sometimes especially when it is something you are already insecure about. In another post I talk about my social anxiety and how I am uncomfortable around new people these are the things my brain says to me:

  • They know your teeth are fake.
  • They think you sound ignorant
  • They think you are a snob because you aren’t talking to them.
  • Your illness is showing
  • They can tell something is wrong with you
  • Don’t say that
  • I can’t believe you said that
  • They think you are stupid
  • You are crazy
  • They know you are crazy
  • They are scared of you
  • You look fat
  • You are ugly
  • Everyone hates you
  • Your husband thinks you are atrocious
  • He stays with you out of pity
  • He resents you
  • Your daughter doesn’t love you
  • Your husband doesn’t love you
  • You are a bad parent
  • Your daughter is disgusted by you
  • She can’t wait to get away from you
  • Your blog is horrible
  • Instagram is out of pity
  • Your friends don’t like you

You get the idea right. I am constantly fighting this everyday. It is hard and I tell myself that I am wrong. So I try to find things that make me happy and focus on them. It doesn’t usually work.

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