I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.

I’m sorry I couldn’t save you from the dreams last night.

I watched you get tortured over and over again and I couldn’t stop it.

I tried please believe me when I tell you I tried but I could never reach you.

The ground crumbled with every step I took it wouldn’t let me near you.

I watched you drown in the blackness I kept screaming to just hold on a little longer so I could save you but the darkness silenced my cries.

I know you are still in there somewhere stuck in the darkness that surrounds you but listen for my voice. I will guide you back to the light.

I need you to promise me that you won’t give in.

It may take a while but I will find you again. I will hold you until your wounds disappear.

Please be okay. I love you.

(I had a rough night last night with dreams and this is a “poem” to myself reminding me not to go and don’t let my illness win.)

2 thoughts on “I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.

    • I have 8 tattoos. This is my schizophrenia. This is when the demon is almost too much to deal with and then I have kewpie tattoo for my bipolar disorder. I have the suicide survivor ribbon, breathe, Ruth 1:16 and an infinity symbol with semi colons on one arm, a butterfly semicolon on my palm, forever a fighter on the back of my neck, a verse from Hallelujah and a bird made out of music notes on the other arm. I want more. 🖤

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