Stay close to the people who make you feel like sunshine.

Today was perfect. The weather was unseasonably warm the sun was shining for the first time in days. We went to church and I wrote the post about the bathroom and then when we got home my husband decided to clean the gutters and my daughter got on her hover board scooting around the yard and the street but I just sat in our sun room and let the warmth soak up in my skin. There are so many negative things happening with me lately the sunshine just pushed them all away. My husband and daughter played Frisbee in the yard and I loved watching them play with Roscoe. It was a good day and it was a day that I needed desperately to make me feel better with all the downs I’ve experienced. I know they say that sunshine can help with your depression and I only believe it helps sometimes but it isn’t an end all cure all for everything. I need more time away and I need more money. I want more freedom. I have way too much structure in my life and I feel contained. I need to do something sporadic to make me feel better maybe tomorrow.


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