I know it is hard but keep trying.

Today was a good day even though I was so tired again. Wayne and I ended up spending the day together and he was in a better mood than he had been in for awhile. He sat watched movies and talked for awhile. It felt good that we were both in a good mood around each other. I haven’t really talked to him much about what is going on with me because he already has so much on his plate, I don’t want to add this stress to it. I’ve dealt with it before right? I can do it again by myself without medication. How hard can it be? The man is around and he is almost at full size. He isn’t talking but he follows me around more. I am trying to ignore him. Wayne and I scratched up money and got some lottery tickets today and then sat in the sun room with the door open enjoying the weather and talking. Those are the things I can do to make the man go away. He doesn’t like it when I am around people he tries to keep me away by saying things about them, but we haven’t got that far. I am really trying to make him go away now.

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  1. Hey!!!!!! I have been reading your blog for a while and your posts are a pleasure to read. So normal, so flowy. You make me relax and feel at home after being raised by a nervous and manipulative mother who didn’t like to see other people happy.
    I am finally becoming more outgoing again after some bad experiences and anxiety and repression, and it has been wonderful. I was taught by my mother that people were dangerous things and status was important in life, and now I am relaxing and enjoying a better and actually in some ways higher status life than when I was trying things her way.

    I am still nervous around people, so instead of writing this on my own blog I am commenting on someone else’s, who makes me feel safe in her own comfort with herself.

    Thank you for being comfortable in your own skin. It makes it easier for me too.

    • I’m glad it’s helping you. I don’t do people very well I get really anxious. You are dazzling. I had some problems growing up too. Thank you for your love and support

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