Weekly Update 18

  • No diet
  • No caffeine
  • No soda
  • Monthly goals are exceeding expectations
  • The man is still hanging around
  • Mood swings have not stopped
  • Stress is killing me
  • I may have an opportunity to get bigger with a very important highly talked about mental health blogger.
  • I need more sleep
  • The man is a dick and he won’t go away
    Gratitude journal is actually helping to keep up with my moods
    It’s almost time for a monthly overview and I’m so excited.
    Always check for backdated post. I also post them on my Instagram so go check it out
    I wish the weather would improve so I can walk or attempt to exercise. Someone told me that what encourages them to work out is how good they feel afterwards. I need to remember that.
    Bipolar Chronicles are coming along nicely.
    The thing about mood swings is I become super creative.
    I’ve started hard back on my book. I want to get part of it finished so I can publish it.
    There might be podcast coming soon so stayed tuned for that.

One thought on “Weekly Update 18

  1. hey I’m Amelia, we have similar issues. I feel your pain. Follow my blog if you like I write about psychosis and schizophrenia, depression, mania etc I suffer from all of them .x

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