Money isn’t everything but happiness is

It takes forever for me to find these damn quotes, anyway the money topic again. It is almost as annoying as my moods. We are tight on money which I’ve explained more than one time but we talked about it again and I got upset because I felt like it would be discussed every day I am off and don’t get me wrong we need to talk about it so we can get everything in place. I get paid tomorrow so we need to have a game plan but I want it to be a 2 minute conversation and let that be it but I know it helps him to talk about it but I got annoyed and my mood flipped switch on and I started shouting for no reason. Yep those are good times when I flip my shit for absolutely no reason. He actually isn’t talking about it that much I obsess over talking about it and I am the one working myself up for no reason. He was happy and in a good mood until I freaked out and ruined it, I am an expert at that. My moods are a continued problem with lack of sleep I am a ticking time bomb ready to explode at any given moment. It sucks to be like this.

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