Yeah, Netflix would stop asking if I was still watching that’d be great

Today was a day of me not accomplishing any blogs but binge watching television with Wayne. We did have some good conversation when our WiFi died for a little while. I love those conversations with him. We were watching Last Man Standing and that gave me an idea. I want us to go away to a cabin for a weekend and use no electronics. I feel like this maybe an impossible task because I love taking pictures to help with my memory and if I didn’t have a way to document it my head may explode. I waited too long for my check to finally be deposited. I had bills I didn’t want to pay. I need to get work done because the only way I will make any progress is to be consistent which is something I’m not good at. I am working on my book though which makes me happy.

Moods, dreams, the man sucks and I am trying to make improvements

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