Days like this, PERFECT!

Today at work was long and tiring. Everyone is sick and it proves to make things more difficult but once 3:30 hit I was so happy because it meant that I have 3 days off!!! I love the thought of having 3 whole days off to work on everything and to rest. These last few days have been hell on me and my body is so fucking tired but when I got home Wayne made some of the best hamburgers with bacon cooked to a perfect medium rare. We had chips and I went to the liquor store and bought him some beer. He told me to guess what kind to get him and see how close I would be to getting something he would like and I nailed it of course. I don’t drink two things I’m not responsible with is alcohol and credit cards. I find credit limits a personal challenge. (Not so much as when I was younger.) We watched Wreck it Ralph breaks the Internet and had an amazing family time. This is a perfect way to start my 3 days off.

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