FRIDAY, addiction and changes.

It is Friday and normally wouldn’t be this excited about it but I open tomorrow and then I’m off Sunday for Easter. Wayne has a big surprise for me tomorrow after work. I’ve been reflecting on things today after noticing on a social media page. Drugs (even scripts) make you a horrible needy person or as I called one point in time a sociopath. I honestly believe that anyone who struggles with drugs or alcohol possesses those traits but what gets me is the people you hurt because of this assume this who you are. I fucked up so much in 2015 I get it but it still gets held against me. I have a Bipolar Chronicles about addiction you will see soon.

It just sucks because you aren’t given a chance to show people you’ve changed because they just assume you are a horrible person. It sucks that people won’t let go.

Now that I’ve expressed this let me again say how excited I am for tomorrow!! ❤️

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