Lack of Hygeine

Today I went back to work. I didn’t get anything I wanted to accomplish done on my days off but instead I rested which is maybe what I actually needed to do. I went in a little later which meant I got a little extra sleep which is always nice.

My anixety is onset and getting worse. I can’t take much for it so I just have to figure out how to deal with it. I don’t know why but it is making me nervous. All the music I’ve listened to as really kept me calm. It is a big help with everything that is going on. I’ve started to get in the fuck it mood with everything. It just hurts too much to care about anything right now. I want to curl into a small hole and live there away from people just by myself.

I need to create a routine for personal hygiene. I shower daily and wash my clothes but I don’t do other things I need to do like wash my face everyday or brush my teeth. I’ve already lost teeth because of this but if I don’t start paying more attention I can lose them all.

I’ve noticed when I washed my face my pores minimize and my face looks clear so I should probably do it more often but it is easier said than done. Everything is easier said than done, I could say a million things I want to do but if I don’t try none of them get done.

Now I am going to get lost in my book because it is my happy place.

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