The big surprise!!!

I would change the font to green if I could figure out how to in honor of 4/20. I support the use of marijuana and thinks it needs to be legalized in every state.

Anyway, work went by so slow and I know it’s because I am so excited about the big surprise. Our wedding anniversary is actually in May but so is our daughters birthday that means we are celebrating a month early. May is dedicated to our daughter. When I texted Wayne and told him how much longer I had he texted me back and said, “Just a few more hours and you are all mine.” My heart melted. I haven’t felt great lately the issues of rapid cycling are getting worse and it is becoming more difficult to deal with.

We went to Athens and he took me to Best Buy for AN APPLE WATCH. I know it doesn’t sound really exciting but if you are a nerd like me and an Apple lover it is perfect. I’ve wanted one for awhile so it makes me happy. This is a fairly expensive mood increaser but still a good one. I used it to text him when we were in the mall. I could’ve just used my phone because responding on my watch is a bit more difficult but I did it because I could.

We finished Easter shopping and went to eat at Catch22 which is a delicious gastro pub. I went to Target and spent WAY TOO much money again. It was a great night out with Wayne and a much needed night out with him. We weren’t in a rush grocery shopping and hoping we could get back home soon enough for me to take my meds. We stayed out late and I felt not so constrained by my illness or my meds. I had a small taste of freedom which sounds weird but if you are scheduled the way I have to be going off schedule for just a little while is amazing.

I am still neglecting things but right now in this moment everything seems perfect.

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