Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing Dad

Yes I realize that we all know how amazing my husband is I talk about it all the time. I also talk about what an amazing father he is as well so it will be gushy about him for a moment.

I wanted to be home today. Wayne started painting my daughters room and as I figured they butted heads because they are just alike. She didn’t like the way he was painting it and then she made a mess and spilled paint all over the floor left went outside calmed down and then went back in and kept her daddy company while he painted and she watched. The bond between those two is incredible and my dad died when I was 8 so I never really had the chance to bond with him the way she bonded with Wayne. It makes me happy to watch them together. He is such an amazing parent and I wish I could’ve been home with them today while they painted but I got a full description of it from my daughter and Wayne when I got home. Her room looks amazing and is colorful and creative just like her.

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