If you haven’t felt like quitting your dreams aren’t big enough

Optimistic titles right?!? Who knew that I was capable of finding positive things through the shit I am dealing with but here I am rocking it out but I have a secret. I finally printed out the first chapter of my book (The first book will be about 9 or 10 chapters but the way it is set up is different.) We’ve (mostly him) have completed 16 out of around 25 pages. I know I posted a little bit of the book but I don’t want to give away too many secrets unless it will help spark your interest. I have my handy dandy red pin and highlighters ready to slash through pages and email updates as I find them. I am so optimistic about it I already printed out the second chapter to work on. This is why it takes so long for me to finish my book when I get depressed or anything I can become a recluse and live in the book for weeks or months and it helps so when its published there is no going back to make changes as my problems change. I guess I can just keep going even if not all of it is ever published. So will throw myself in my work and hopefully come out soon with a book ready to publish. I will keep you updated through the process.

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