“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.” …

Today I spent all day editing my book. I decided to dedicate my entire day to editing my book. I am trying to make sure it is exactly what I wanted and I figured something out. I WILL NEVER BE HAPPY!! I keep finding reasons to change something or add this and take this out but I need to be sure of myself. I will say this upswing is useful for editing purposes I need to hyper focus any extra energy I have but it is like this energy is catching my body up to the rest of me. I’ve had no energy for so long I think my body is like FUCK FINALLY! YOU TOOK A WRONG TURN SOMEWHERE…. LET ME TELL YOU WHAT HORRORS SHE’S DONE. I actually said that out loud as I was typing it in an odd voice and everything. I am strange and need a break from myself. WTF!! Book editing shall continue and the mood is being monitored closely.

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