Anything worth having is hard work

I am so glad I was off yesterday and got to enjoy myself. I needed that time to rest and clear my head. I am ready to get off work and start editing. I’ve already planned my days off. Tuesday is dedicated to the blog and Wednesday is nothing but edits. When I got off work I went to see Wayne, he is working on a place for his business to expand it a little and I hope he knows how proud of him I am. There is some local drama that I wish would end. There are people that I am not to fond of but I think some of it is wrong. I wish people wouldn’t use things as a personal vendetta and come from a place of peace and understanding. I am saying this and I am not fond of them imagine that I do have some sort of tolerance.

My mood swings are shifting back and forth and I can’t make heads or tells of what is going on.

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