Random Days

Today was an okay day. I went to work and it felt like a lifetime before I left. I took one of my co-workers to and from work today. We stopped and got something to eat which was fun. Wayne and my daughter had tacos from a local store. I am tired today. I mean like really tired and I don’t know why because I got a lot of sleep. I guess it was just the day I had. I am starting to see things more often and thinking they are real is becoming harder to deny. My dreams are becoming more realistic too and scarier. I had a dream we had to go get something in Germany and every time I tried to leave I started to disintegrate and I could never get free. The man was there laughing. He’s been in all of my dreams the past week and it is scarier and scarier that he is hanging around. I thought we did this already the whole booga booga thing. We completed this cycle so why are we doing it again. (I am aware it isn’t that simple.) I want to stop going in circles. I guess it is time to call my doctor and make more adjustments. I hate this part.  The man wants to be seen and he is making that very clear now.

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