Motivation is what gets you started habit is what keeps you going. Jim Rohn

My mood is currently cycling. Cycling moods is like being tortured your body doesn’t know what to do or how to respond. My cycling makes me so tired so quickly but for me up swings are scary. I do the most damage and make more bad decisions when I am in a up swing. I tend to be more careless and give less fucks which means time lapses when I started to get the slightest bit agitated. Let’s see how this goes


I am so happy that I am accomplishing so much with my book. I like the fact he isn’t waiting for me to edit something before I send it to him. I am actually ahead of schedule and if I’ve learned everything from the fucked up things I’ve done that hyper focus can be my bff if I can harness and use it in a healthy productive way. I am hoping this jump starts my career so I can have more days like this. I am going to actually finish a book…..SOON!!!

Picture: me after almost 2 days of editing

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