“Start writing, no matter what. …

I have to work today which means editing will happen on my lunch break and when I get off work if I have time. I didn’t get much sleep last night which is weird because I didn’t want to sleep but then I was exhausted this morning. I think my brain is in overdrive right now so it doesn’t know what it wants. I can’t turn it off even if I wanted to… this is one of those times that anything you use to calm you down becomes useful. It used to be writing in my book (the rest of it not what I am currently editing.) but with me editing and trying to push myself to publish I can’t write on the other part because I automatically turn back to editing. I try my journal but that reminds me of how far behind I am on posts and looking at my stats which makes me sad because it means I am not reaching you guys the way I want to.

I’ve learned to force myself to write everyday even if I have nothing to write about just starting typing and see what you come up with. I do that in my journal sometimes I always have a ton of things that happened but my brain is foggy and overworked it can’t focus on something. Writing helps me decompress. What helps you?

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