Turn intentions into actions

Today I worked on edits….ALL DAY! I am proud of myself for staying focused long enough to get so much accomplished. I read the same paragraphs for at least 5 minutes deep in thought and when I get into deep thoughts like this I imagine myself in the book. I am in my main characters body having these conversations and feeling what sounds like a realistic reaction and emotion to have. I guess I could do it without diving in deep but it is easier that way. I have this amazing (some may call it weird) connection with my book so I am able to find myself inside the characters their emotions and problems are mine but the solutions are also mine which comes in handy with the situations that I put myself in. I think that is why it is so hard to give it up. If I don’t have her that means my problems have to be solved in real-time. It is probably for the best.

I am so behind on EVERYTHING. I need to create a schedule but how do you create a schedule for this when you have no idea what you are doing still and you are so unorganized with this and moods make it more difficult.

Mood: I think I am in an upswing but it is weird so it is hard to tell.

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