Weekly Update 25

-There are more back dated post to check out on my day to day life.
-No diet or exercise
-I am currently worried about my not being able to sleep and wanting to stay awake. I think an up swing is coming and those are dangerous.
-My upswings are always more dangerous and can cause more damage.
-Book editing is going well. I have the foundation for what I want now I just need to make it better.
– I am hoping to publish this year
-I posted about my event that I am doing again this year to raise money for suicide awareness.
– I am working on the bipolar chronicles but even with all my honesty about everything so things are still hard to talk about.
– Bipolar Chronicles Depression/Addiction are next and they are the ones I am struggling with
– I am never going to make my goals unless I start posting daily
– I need help with organization and not becoming overwhelmed especially when I deep in my book.
– I did this on time! GO ME! See you next week

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