DO IT! As often as you can, to wherever you can. Never pass up an opportunity to experience somewhere new, even if just two streets away.

My daughter left for an overnight trip last night. I miss her terribly and can’t wait to see her today but I’m glad she went and the older she gets the more I know she will venture out like this. Australia is her dream which I told her is a great dream to have we don’t travel outside the country but we do travel around the country as much as possible. I want her to be cultured and be able to say things like, “Yes I remember when I was (insert age) we went there and learned…..

This is when as a parent you hope that you raised them right. You hope that they make good choices and they are good people. You hope that you can shield them from any bad and hateful things in this world but you know you can’t you just have to hope you taught them how to handle things.

Moods: fucked up. I think I am stabilizing but I could be rapid cycling the verdict is out on that one yet.

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