Big Spender

IT IS MY FRIDAY!!! Sinus headaches suck but Excedrin is amazing. I am already having problems with my illness and it makes me easily agitated. I had some different things going on at work that kind of split up my day which was nice.

When I got home I took a bit of a time out to make sure that my agitation level would decrease so I don’t start a fight. I am good at starting fights especially when I am easily agitated. I went to Dollar General and spent way too much money on things I needed and then on somethings I didn’t really need but wanted. When he hit the total button and it was $70 I said, “HOLY SHIT” really loud and then apologized. I wasn’t paying attention to any prices I was just shopping with my daughter and throwing shit in the cart. If she picked it up and said, “Mama isn’t this cool.” It ended up in the cart. I wonder why I am always short on cash especially with the amount of money I make.

After this I made my honorary to do list that I never finish or look at after I make them. I need to go over budgets, bills, journal entires I am behind on my blog and Instagram that I’ve been almost mute on. I really need a manager or a brain to function long enough to get shit accomplished.

Moods: They are okay. I was easily agitated because of my headache but besides that they weren’t that bad. My only on going problem is dreams and sometimes they can cause major mood issues.

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