Today was one of those days when you have a million things to do but you get so overwhelmed you get none of them accomplished. I am off work today and tomorrow and I was supposed to ride with Wayne to get the truck for his work but it got pushed back. I should be happy because it gives me more time to catch up on everything but it won’t happen.

I just don’t have it in me lately. I know my moods are an issue but that isn’t making it any easier. I am so behind and I’ve lost almost all motivation to do anything. I am stuck on my book. There is a section in the second chapter that involves something that happened to me and at the time no one else knew what it was so it was my only way to talk about it but since the people I love and need to know are informed I want to take a chunk of it out. I don’t want to be as open as I originally was about it which is weird considering I have a blog now and I am open about almost everything else. I just don’t want to really talk about it because I am not ready for the questions that come with it. I have talked to the amazing GW that is helping me edit and he is so awesome he said take it out and I will help you reword all of it.

I am going to try and focus to hopefully get something accomplished.

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