Editing and parenting

I have watched way too many font videos and I’ve accomplished nothing else but some new handwriting techniques. I am constantly working on improving my handwriting. I have started on so many things but got none of them accomplished.

I know there are certain triggers happening and as much as I want to ignore it I cant. I didn’t realize editing this chapter would be so hard and cause so many problems. It is like reliving the same trauma over and over again. I sit and stare at the word document for 45 minutes trying to get pass the triggering message but it doesn’t work. I don’t want to delete it completely but I have to overcome my fear of touching it and making any adjustments. Hell I wrote it you think it would be easy to just cut it out and edit it but it is almost like torture.

My daughter came home from school and I took a break from my difficult book writing to hang out with my daughter. We had an amazing conversation about girls, friends, drama and school. She is at that age sadly when bullshit happens and I want her to know how to deal with it. She told me that two of her friends were arguing and I said, “STAY OUT OF IT” Nothing good ever comes from putting yourself in the middle of an argument you have no idea why it started. I explained things from a different perspective and then dealing with my friends and what I learned growing up. I had such an amazing conversation with her. These are the moments when I feel like a really good mom.

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