Bad parenting

I had to work today and it was a late shift that I am not used to doing so it kind of messed up my day. I am so tired and my schedule is a bit out of whack which is not good for me or my sleep cycle. It is amazing how a few hours of sleep can cause so much damage. I am so ready for Monday I need a month off and hours of sleep that I am missing. I accomplished nothing on my days off.

These moods are really all over the place. I messaged the GW on hopes for a little update to make my day better. I have practiced my handwriting some today which also made me feel a little better. It is amazing how I can have so much energy and then have none at all. I want my hyperfocus to work dammit but you cant turn it on and off. I think a lot of me is broken right now.

My daughter and I got in a huge fight tonight. She texted me that she needs to talk to me about how I treat her with my moods and when I ask to check her phone. This all happened after I took my medicine after I got home late from work. It doesn’t go well. I lost my shit. When my mom dropped her off I completely white trashed it and started yelling and cussing in the driveway. Thanks for making me feel like a worse parent than I already am. I know that isn’t want you meant but you broke my heart especially since I’ve worked so hard lately to make changes in my mood and how I ask you for things like your phone. Let’s rub the shitty parent in a little deeper.

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